Friday, August 18, 2023



“foi do trabalho que veio o descanso”.., quando isso apareceu..?

“e se plantando tudo dá”... “não há bastante pra todos”…

nunca foi uma preocupação dos índios amazônicos, a comida é uma preocupação do ser humano..,

o aparecimento, a extração do outro... o “veio do outro”.

estar acordado é estar trabalhando.. . os animais estão sonhando. FireFx se refere ao efeito do fogo, o kimah uah nah é a água passando pelo fogo.

The video was recorded at my property, in a forest reserve, near the índios Waimiri Atroaris.  Among other things, I'm environmentalist, and the fight to protect this place has been intense, once, someone questioned me in a christian way "why did I want so much land..", and I've answered: It's not to me, but to the animals and plants, pra proteger a Amazonia do ser humano, só desse jeito: you have to be in it, like it, and accept the forest's conditions, and be as well an animal from the place: in these conditions, there won't be the sentiment of the 'stranger', the animal will see just another animal passing,.:
Amazonia is not something fixo, but passing, it is not separated from the earth, in the nothing,.. .. 
I try to explain this in the stories, the place, it doesn't exist. 

Thursday, August 17, 2023

How Was


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Thursday, August 3, 2023

O Natural


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