Friday, September 17, 2021

Fire Fx 

kimah uah nah  - the fire's passage by the waters

a Kahmn and Adrenah's music.

Kimah uah nah's passage will be seen in the Dancer of the Dreams story - as I've already said, it's a musical story, this music's lyric it's incredible, and will make sense for you when I edit it complete, it's only a release version, because, as I've already said, all the stories have music, because it was through the sound that they were written. Actually, the song's from Oloco, that Adrenah listened and passed to Kahmn, and Kahmn passed it for me. Well, it's very complicated explaining all this, because the musical production it's something completely different from the graphical environment and equating these timbrals in oscillators from synthesizers demands a lot of time, and I haven't a mastering environment, so.. . But these things aren't important, it's nothing professional, only the sound isn't an 'integrant part of the stories', it is the stories structure: and was something that stayed lacking: but along the stories, it will give them a better rendering.

Of course, for you to know a little more about that who writes the stories, and a little more on this incredible forest, the most savage of the earth, Armenah.

In the guitars’ riff, in the music, the lyric it’s the following: ‘vou queimar… a queima.. . .queimar a conversa, queimar a queima: a roupa.. vou queimar a conversa, queimar a queima roupa..’: It stayed lacking the short-timbrals because I still didn’t find the correct ones, because it’s the animal’s will towards the human eyes, it’s this one. In Portuguese ‘a queima roupa’ it’s a revolver shot, an execution, something chanceless, without escape, unexpected, without defense, kind of a wolf-attack, or of jaguar, or serpent’s: the venom is the fire, in the nature: and fire is kimah. The cloth isn’t fire: that which isn’t skin, isn’t kimah.

The animals walk with me

Hope you like it